As a London escort, there’s a lot to share about what happens behind closed doors. Sometimes people wonder if a call girl’s life is all rosy and filled with multiple pleasures. Despite a part of that assumption being truthful, there are always downsides to this business.

No surprise there since it’s just like any other business with daily challenges. I get paid to offer services, and clients get what they have paid for. However, this isn’t a standard business transaction. It’s secretive, done in the dark, and a client demands according to his worth.

Don’t get me wrong. Not every client is a bad client, but others employ arrogance in their demands. Because they have bought your services, they may demand worse for pleasure. This is primarily a routine mostly seen with twenty-year-old spoilt rich kids.

When meeting such an age-set, patience becomes the utmost consideration. Most of them aren’t straightforward, and some demand extreme measures for pleasure. In such instances, I can only direct my mind to something else while agreeing to their demands. However, other clients are considerate and direct.

Such clients show you respect, and others even go to the extent of first making you feel comfortable. With them, I can occasionally orgasm and have fun doing my job like any other line of work, good and bad days alternate. But whichever the case, the real pleasure comes from receiving that envelop filled with cash.

Weird Encounter

As mentioned earlier, this job comes with different types of clients. Some are into fantasies, role plays, threesomes, and others want a massage with a happy ending. Well, all that is to be expected except for companionship.

Yes, a client I met, after signing up in a local agency wanted a bond formed between him and I. Not a long term relationship, but a fictitious one. He has a wife with mental health issues, currently living in a care facility.

Not his real name, David requested a London escort in an agency I signed up with. I first met him in a restaurant where we chatted and spent time together. Afterwards, we headed straight to a hotel room he had booked. It felt weird, mostly because he was carrying a hand-held briefcase.

At first, I didn’t know what was inside, so I thought to myself, maybe he’s just coming from work. Once we were inside the hotel room, I thought it’s time for business. However, this wasn’t the case.

David and I got comfortable, and he started talking about his wife and children, which prompted him to open the briefcase. He then removed a photo album and started telling me about the people in the photos. He’s fond of his daughters, who are younger than me.

David then resides to cuddling and uses a sex toy on me. He seemed to be more interested in making me happy and comfortable compared to having sex with me. Currently, he still books my services from the agency, and go for dinner in a particular restaurant before residing in a hotel room.

As a London escort, I can be multiple personalities in a single day. This teaches me the art of adaptation, a skill I’ve grown very fond of.